Will the business change you?

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Why Dopravo?

Working in a company is a decision that can have a long term impact on your professional and personal journey. And we acknowledge that your fitness into Dopravo is a two way stream that must be mutually nurtured!

  • Progressive Culture.

    #1 Collaborative Workforce

    Everyone in the office is a valuable resource that can be utilized by anyone else. We believe having minimal hierarchy in the organization and having a direct access from one employee to the other will cultivate valuable traits and opportunities within our teams. Each one of us has skills that will open more doors for innovation and creativity. It's just a matter of harnessing this wealth in our team into an experience.

    Working Culture - Collaborative
  • Progressive Culture.

    #2 Ambition and Confidence

    Turning a sketch from a paper into a national success story starts with our ambition and confidence in ourselves. Creating such stories needs character as much as technology needs skills. It might be daring to take some of our projects and we find some projects to be very challenging. Our teams must be (or become) prepared to overcome these challenges in anticipation for success. 

    Working Culture - Confidence and Ambition
  • Progressive Culture.

    #3 "Workaholism" Above Acceptable Limits

    We admit it. Sometimes we feel that being diligent at work is a given, so we take work outside of our office. A lot of our conversations during our "Playstation nights", travels to neighbouring countries, office retreats and even during our lunch-breaks revolve around work and our line of business. It's sometimes hard to prevent our employees from working at home or during vacation - And we're grateful to our employees families for not complaining.

    Working Culture - Hard Working
  • Progressive Culture.

    #4 Realistic and Result Oriented 

    We know what it takes to get our job done and to achieve the desired business results. We also encourage our employees (and business partners) to recognize their limits and work through, around or within these limits. This allows us to grow our capabilities, change project tactics, or even consider other possibilities to achieve success. Failure is not an option, and we won't let ourselves get side-tracked or get ourselves over over our heads.

     Working Culture - Result Oriented
  • Perks & Benefits.

    #1 Continuous Learning & Exposure

    Our employees are rewarded for their continuous hunger for knowledge. Achieving certifications within your domain not only benefits you personally and your career professionally, it will actually grant you rewards and gifts from the company. We also encourage our employees to participate in exhibitions, seminars, conferences and networking events to expand their horizon. Every employee is granted an hour/day for online learning as well.

    Employee Benefits - Learning and growth
  • Perks & Benefits.

    #2 Aeron Chair

    Our employees enjoy a high-tech and ergonomically mesh-backed office chair. It forces our employees into a comfortable and healthy sitting posture to avoid spinal and neck fatigue - something that plagues almost every office worker after years of wrong sitting posture. You will recognize its value once you take a seat in our office.

    Employee Benefits - Aeron Chair

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We're always interested in networking and hearing from talented designers, UX'ers, developers, artists, business professionals, historians...and just any passionate professional. If you don't see an opening that suits you right now, thats OK!. Send us your CV stating the position you're applying and we promise to respond!

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